Data Cleansing

Why should you cleanse your data?

Data is considered as one of your most treasured business possessions. Nevertheless, like anything significant, it needs to be taken good care of and refined to keep it in decent working condition. Global Zest with its Data cleansing services allows you to care for the value of your data.

Retaining a huge database may not mean much for your industry if the data enclosed is inappropriate or erroneous. As one of the topmost data cleansing company, Global Zest would optimize your database, in addition to the marketing and sales determinations. In the long run, this will be upshot in a better return on investment for your marketing concerns.

Are you looking for an operational solution that can allow you to cut costs? Well, you’ll be amazed to know that a lot of duplicate data generates regularly in businesses. Moreover, the price of preserving such duplicate info adds up to your yearly overheads. So, do you desire to save this needless expenditure, Yes? Then you must go for data cleansing services that would let you remove the duplicate information.

Data Cleansing service at Global Zest

Global Zest proposes effectual data cleansing services to confirm that your databases are fail-safe. We do this by updating and managing records of your clients, associates or competitors. By executing these solutions, we mend the quality of information and lessen rework to a great degree. By consulting our services, you will be capable of making certain that poor marketing strategies will not sweep your hard earned revenues away. Along these lines, we would assist you in keeping your critical business related material up-to-date.

Our data cleansing company would help you in recognizing the unacceptable and out-of-date portion of information that must be eliminated automatically. Thereupon, this would permit only the valid part to be existent. This, in turn would assist the organization in making better assessments and that will simplify the general decision-making process.

How do we do it?

For any business with a severe need for steady data validation, data cleansing services are an essential and calculated approach to gain advanced analytical productivity. We, at Global Zest, perform the data cleansing by covering the following processes:

• Filter records

To assist you in handling significant data and connect with your clients professionally, our team of experts eliminates unrelated, outdated and obsolete figures.

• Cleanse mailing lists

We cleanse your current mailing lists so that you can target your potential clients and improve turnover.

• Eliminate typographical errors

Our experts physically proofread the registers and correct keyboarding errors, linguistic differences, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

• De-duplicate entries

Every so often, while gathering enormous databases of your client, you may perhaps come about a case where data is repeated. Through our process of data verification and cleansing, we eliminate such duplicate entries.

• Rectification of addresses

We carry out the rectification of email addresses and contact details of clients who might have changed their contact or personal information.

• Conversion of upper / lower case

Our data cleansing service takes account of changing cases where necessary. We likewise consider language accents in client’s name.

• Gender correction

Our data cleansing service contemplate adding the correct gender prefixes to client names. This is significant when you're interacting with clienteles or examining gender based reports.

• Standardize database

Our team ensures that all the attributes in your business’ database are standardized for consistency. Thus, we follow that the data is clean and dependable across the company.

• Normalize database

We check your client records and normalize them according to your needs.

• Verify and Validate Data

After cleansing the data thoroughly, we verify and validate the data against all the dependable information sources, certifying that it is authentic.

Reach the desired outcomes by hiring the data cleansing services of Global Zest!

Now and then, the duplicate marketing material is dispersed among the identical people again and again. This is nothing but an utter waste of money. This possibly will upshot into the loss of importance and interest from your customers' side. More than that, they may perhaps overlook the significant information that comes once in a while from your side.

Is the amount of duplicated data amassing in leaps and bounds at a rapid pace in your organization? If your answer is yes, then it’s high time to hire our data cleansing services! It’s high time to hire Global Zest! By employing our data cleansing company, you can mend the quality of your business data as well as lessen rework to a great extent. Trust us to determine loop holes and discover ways to reduce imprecision and, in this manner, gain business superiority! Trust us to keep your commercial activities on track!