Email Appending Services

Global Zest’s Email Append service is an easy and affordable way to accelerate and enhance your email marketing program. The email appending service provided at Global Zest guarantees better customer response and increased ROI.

We can help you update your internal lists with current information to help expand your business. Email with its precise metrics, low cost and quick results continues to be the most effective marketing channel for an organization and with our email appending service you can use it optimally to enhance your business.

Our email append services provide:

  • gratifying agreement with your database of email addresses
  • Reduce blacklisting, blocking and bouncing rates
  • Affiliate the existing database to industry standard database
  • Positive opt-out opportunity
  • Compliance to CAN-SPAM strictly
  • Reinforce your business with each passing moment and step

We Provide:

  • 6 stage verification process
  • High security data protection
  • 100% deliverability
  • High match rates
  • Performance-based pricing
  • 100% permission-based
  • Create a dependable channel for cost effective email marketing
  • Transform offline customers to online customers
  • Engage with customers regularly to drive repeat business and generate high ROI
  • Re-organize the database to convert individual avenues to multiple ones

List Delivery Guarantee:

95%+ for Direct mails, 95%+ for Tele-contacts and 85% to 90% + for emails

To make sure your campaign cuts through the competition, contact Global Zest now!

Reverse Append Service

Our reverse email append facility can add to your database. Multiple channel promotion strategies can take your business forward through targeted email marketing campaigns. Our email data is updated, comprehensive and most effective. Our endeavour to understand our customers better gives us an edge and makes us a preferable mailing solutions partner.