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This white paper discusses how to choose the right method of marketing the right database that best fits your marketing needs. What kind of marketing will help my business in building consistent lead pipeline? There are multiple ways of generating leads. The method of marketing will determine the number of leads which converts to sales and bottom line profit. Conventional ways of marketing are not often appreciated as they do not impress the clients and their approach. What is the most subtle way of reaching out to these contacts? What methods do these fortune companies use to continue and stay on the top in their revenue from big clients?

  • Decision makers get distracted when they receive a call and have to shift their mind from the job to receive the telemarketing calls
  • Direct mails are always swamped and are unable to sort the relevant and irrelevant mails.
  • Social media marketing have too many credentials to be considered.
  • Radio and newspaper ads are not heard and viewed.
  • Online banner ads are annoying.
  • Offline banner or hoarding ads are just a glimpse.
  • Referrals. Most of the people are busy. You might as well reach out to someone new in the market
  • Fax marketing is too expensive and no direct fax number, increasing papers.
  • Door to door marketing are way too expensive to deal with.
  • Events and conference, they still have to be marketed and invited to your booth.
  • Pamphlets. The decision makers cannot be identified.
  • Affiliates have not proved to impact any significant revenue.

So, what is left is email marketing? When every follow-up is done through email and mode of communication happens through email. Why not use that method to reach out to your prospects.

Look at your current customer’s profile and build similar companies. Also reach out to companies who could be your potential market.

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